Maximize the value of your project

Why are we different?

We help you maximize the value of your project. With a holistic vision integrating technology + business modelling + project development + engineering/construction + financing + market + regulation + management.

We deeply understand and have extensive track record in all those aspects.


 International experience

 Balanced vision of all key aspects of the business

 We believe in a collaborative and open way of working

 From sketch to reality

Who do we work for?

Our natural customers are project developers, project owners, private or public equity firms, investment funds and financial entities. We understand their different profiles and all of their different visions and needs.

We help also technology providers to find their way to meet project and business models needs.

We work also for commercial and industrial large energy consumers that need a new approach how to cover their electric and thermal energy demand. Industry, not only power generation, has also to be decarbonized.

 Project developers

 Project owners

 Equity firms

 Financial entities

 Technology providers

 Large energy consumers

What can you expect?

We listen carefully and we respond quickly. We are ready, able, and willing to work hard and achieve the desired results, in an efficient manner. We are appreciated by our clients for being straightforward and knowing what we talk about.

We believe in a collaborative way of working. Our experience says that project success depends greatly on a right selection of partners. All key stakeholders: technology providers, subcontractors, consultants, consortium or JV members, etc need to work as a team. We promote such partnering spirit and are eager to be part of it.